I’m an out gay man with a long history as an artist and community activist. I live in San Francisco.

My writing is published in periodicals such as: The Advocate, Come Out!!!, Fag Rag, Gay Sunshine, Issues In Radical Therapy, and Zygote.

Also my work is included in anthologies: The Gay Liberation Book; Hello, I Love You; Out In The Castro; and Smash The Church, Smash The State.

I’m the author of ten books published by Persona Press: the novels Ed Dean Is Queer, Fourth Wall, Second Crossing, Reunion, Castro Street Memories, Private Nation, and The City, and the memoirs Following My Heart, Paris Dreams, and Athens Apartment. Portraits, a new novel, is scheduled for publication fall 2016.

Here I plan to write about all things queer that move me. Culture, politics, even fashion, as well as matters of the heart. I’ll cover books, movies, theater, art, and more.

N. A. Diaman.