No Hard Feelings directed by Faraz Shariat (Germany) 2020 reveals the ambivalence of the immigrant experience.

Parvis lives relatively open as a young gay man born in Germany of Iranian parents. Though he’s not immune from either antigay or xenophobic prejudice directed toward him.

While doing community service as a translator in a refugee settlement, he makes friends with a couple of Iranian siblings waiting for their status to be determined.

Other males in the camp are quite hostile and homophobic. However after some initial reticence a strong, loving relatlonship emerges. But love alone doesn’t solve all of the difficulties of Parvis, his parents, or his friends.

I highly recommend No Hard /feelings, now screening online as part of Frameine 44.

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Odd Couple

Sean is a TV weatherman on the verge of a nervous breakdown six months after the end of a romantic relationship.


He hires Ernesto, a Mexican day laborer, to repaint his deck and finds ways to extend the job in order to escape his loneliness.

This quirky drama reveals the inherent human need for connectedness and the peculiar way some individuals deal with the dilemma.

Some may find Papi Chulo directed by John Butler (USA) 2018 charming while others may view it as a bit creepy. I nearly gave up midway but managed to watch it to the end.

Papi Chulo was released by Breaking Glass Pictures 5 November 2019 on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Syrian Handyman

A Moment In The Reeds directed by Mikko Makela (2017) Finland deals with immigration from a gay perspective.


A Finn studying literature in Paris and a Syrian architect resettled in Finland meet in a small rural community.

Leevi is visiting his widowed father, who’s renovating the summerhouse in the woods before selling it, when Tareq arrives to help out with the project.

Both young men are estranged from their families because of their sexual orientation. While they are drawn to one another, the circumstances of their lives make an ongoing relationship a nearly impossible achievement.

A Moment In The Reeds is a Wild Beast Productions release available 4 December 2018 in the US and Canada on VOD and digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube Movies.

Also available in the US on DVD and Blu-ray through Amazon.

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